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Enkhuizen - the Wilhelmina plantsoen
The Wilhelmina plantsoen was opend by and named after queen Wilhelmina in 1936. Plantsoen is Dutch for park.

The Venedie has several restaurants with terrace.

In the winter this area is used for ice skating.

The Kaasmarkt offers a few bars and discos.

To protect the city against the often violent sea and enemy invasion two walls were built in the 16th and 17th century. Called "The Sea wall" and "the Vesting wall".

The Enkhuizerzand is the beach in Enkhuizen, a nice view on the boats and the IJsselmeer.

The dijk is best described as the promenade of Enkhuizen.

The Zuiderhavendijk is one of the first harbours in the Netherlands. Most of Amsterdam was based on this design.

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A close up from the virgin of Enkhuizen
A close up from the virgin of Enkhuizen


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The "korteburgwal" as seen from the westerstraat
The Koepoort from town
The Koepoort from town


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You didn't see the car
You didn't see the car


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The vesting wall
The vesting wall


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A boat house
A boat house


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The koepoort
The koepoort


The bridge at the main entrance of town
The bridge at the main entrance of town


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Tour de Enkhuizen
Tour de Enkhuizen


Yellow Tulips
Yellow Tulips


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Enkhuizen - the Snouck van loosen park
The Snouckvanloosen family left us a lot of amazing structures, among which this park they had build for their workers.

Fantastic Dutch architecture
In the Breedstraat remain a lot of well renovated monuments.

The Westerstraat is the main shopping street of Enkhuizen.

Enkhuizen - Architectural Monuments
There are quite a lot of monuments in Enkhuizen.

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